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Dropshipping Terms & Conditions

Website use and Information

The NutriSol Health website ( also referred to as "the website" is the retail and dropship website owned and operated by Nutrient Solutions Ltd. The website is available for customers and registered dropship resellers to browse, find product information and to place orders. We deliver all products directly to your customers. Anyone can register to become a dropship reseller. If you would like to become a dropship reseller you can enquire here for more information or register here. You will need to provide us with your full name, address and where you intend to resell our products including the account name, page or url.

If you use the wrog form to contact us we will deem you are not a good fit for our dropshipping program as you will not have read the information given on the form. If you are unable to do that it is unlikely you will be able to manage a dropshipping business.

The information on the website is all correct at the time of publishing. Information may occasionally change from time to time and without prior notice. All content is copyright to NutriSol Health and may not be republished or reused without prior written consent by the publisher; Nutrient Solutions Ltd.

The details on the product listings pages may be reused by registered dropship resellers, all information on the product listings is correct at the time of publishing. You should always conduct your own research on health conditions and supplements. For better Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) we recommend changing the text so it is not an exact copy of our text but keep it accurate and user friendly.

Product listing information and product images are all provided for your own use within the Google Sheets provided to dropship resellers. There is a link for the Google Sheet in the Dropshipping menu.



The NutriSol Health Blog ( also referred to as "the blog" is available for anyone to read without registering. The blog content on the website is all the opinion of the author. Views and opinions expressed in the log may not necessarily be those of NutriSol Health. All content is copyright to the original author and may not be republished or reused without prior written consent. You should always conduct your own research on health conditions and supplements. If you have a health condition you should always consult your health care practitioner before taking any supplements. The blog is updated regularly with new content and stories being added on a regular basis. Blog content may occasionally change from time to time and without prior notice.


Privacy & Security

We take customer privacy and security seriously. We respect customer privacy and ensure all data is secure at all times. We only collect customer information for the purposes of processing orders. All data is sent over a secure connection using an SSL. Look for the https and padlock in the address bar. Your data and your customer data is completely secure on our website. Delivery information you provide including names and address are used to produced the Royal Mail label for delivery and will not be used for any other purpose. We do not require a telephone number for your customer as we would never call them and a telephone number is not required by our couriers.

We never share customer information with any other company. We never send any unsolicited mail or emails to you or your customer. This includes despatch notes, invoices or marketing sent with the order.

For more information about your privacy and security see our privacy policy.


Dropshipping Accounts

It is necessary to create an account and register as a dropshipper in order to qualify for the dropshipping pricing before placing a dropship order. Once registered as a dropshipper you may place customer orders by logging into your account. The information which will be collected for the account is your name and address, telephone number, company name and where you will be selling our products, this information is stored on your account. By creating a dropshipping account you can keep all of your orders together and check out quicker when placing orders. Dropship customers can add and remove delivery address from their address book as required.



Orders can be placed on the website for dropshipping directly to your customers. Orders cannot be placed to be delivered to your own address. We do not permit the use of a dropshipping account to be used for a friends and family discount. We do not offer a "try before you buy service" therefore we do not permit placing "Test Orders" – we are very experienced in dropshipping orders and our services do not need to be tested before use. If you are not confident our service is right for you or your needs simply do not use our service. Orders cannot be split to multiple addresses. Orders should not be placed on ebay to be delivered to your ebay customers. The accuracy of the information enterred at checkout is your responsibility. Anything you add to the delivery address will be printed on the label and should not be used as notes for us. So if you enter your name, your company name or "Dropshipping Order" in the delivery address, this will be printed on the label.

There is no need to tell us this is a dropshipping order as we will see your order was placed from a dropshipping account. It is also not necessary to request no invoices to be sent to customers as we do not enclose invoices with orders.

If you have delivery instructions from you buyer, eg; "leave in the porch", "leave behind the bins" or "do not leave with a neighbour", you can add this to the delivery address so it is printed on the label. It isn't necessary really to leave comments about leaving them anywhere as all orders for upto 6 small bottles or 3 large bottles are posted in large letter format and fit through a letterbox, no signature is required on delivery.

Bulk orders can be placed using our spreadsheet upload. Orders will then be created within your account for each order on the sheet and payment must be made before orders can be processed. If any item is out of stock a back order will be placed and you will be notified.

All orders, for in-stock items, placed and paid for before our cut off time are despatched the same day.

Back orders / pre-orders can be placed for items which are out of stock or new product launches which are coming soon. These orders will be processed as soon as the items return to stock.


Payment, Pricing & Promotions

Payments can be made by bank transfer, credit or debit card online at checkout or by PayPal, simply select your preferred option at checkout. All payments are processed on a secure server. Your confidential information is not shared with our website or any of our staff.  Your personal data is secure and only used directly on the payment server. Payments are recorded as being successful and only a transaction number is shared with us. We cannot see your card number or any payment details.

Bulk orders can also be paid for by bank transfer, credit or debit card online at checkout or by PayPal, simply select your preferred option on the upload sheet.

All prices are correct at the time of publishing. Prices are not set for any particular length of time and are all subject to change from time to time without prior notice. Notice will be given wherever possible to avoid any potential losses for our dropship resellers. We only adjust prices when our suppliers have incresed their prices. Unfortunately supplier prices do change quite a lot and without notice. We always try to ensure we have the best prices.

From time to time we may have special offers and promotions for our retail customers and our dropship customers. Not all offers will be available for both retail and dropship customers.


Viewing Orders

If an order is placed using your account, either by logging in or creating an account at checkout, or by placing an order over the phone, you will be able to view your orders from your account area. Log in to your account above to see any orders previously made. You will be able to check the status of orders placed and track orders once despatched and place repeat orders.


Despatch & Delivery

We despatch all orders received before 2pm the same day. Orders received after 2pm or at weekend will be despatched the next working day. All UK orders qualify for FREE Standard Delivery. Standard delivery is 2 to 3 days. Overseas delivery options will be displayed at checkout as they are calculated by weight and destination.


Returns & Refunds

For more information about Returns & Refunds please visit our Returns Policy information page.


Supplement Dropshipping

We offer a supplement dropshipping service for resellers to sell on your own website or ebay. For more information about Supplement Dropshipping please visit our supplement dropshipping information page. Registered dropshippers will find useful information and resources within the dropshipping link in your account.


Product Listings

Registered dropship resellers may list any / all of our products for sale on ebay, your own website, Instagram or Facebook. Our product images and descriptions may be used using the data sheets provided. You must not make unauthorised health claims. You must not state that any supplements can prevent, treat or cure any disease or illness.


Price Checks, Sale Prices, Selling Prices

You are responsible for checking prices. Prices do change from time to time. Notice will be given whenever possible of price increases. Prices can be checked in many ways depending on how you prefer to work. You can check the prices directly on each product listing on the website, you can check all prices quickly and easily on our Google Sheets.

A product may be on sale when you list or first purchase it so it is important to re-check prices regularly.

You are responsible for setting your own selling prices for each item. We do give you RRP's / SSP's for each product but the actual price is up to you. Don't forget you need to charge enough to cover the cost price + postage (usually £0.00 but £1.99 for orders under £5) + ebay fees + PayPal fees + your profit. The suggested prices in the Google Sheets cover these fees and your profit.

For items under £5 we suggest you sell them in packs of 2 or more or price them to cover the postage if they only but 1 and offer a discount for 2 or more.


Stock Availability

We always try to ensure there is plenty of stock of every item but there may be supply issues and items may run out of stock from time to time. Many lines sell very fast and stock availability may change quickly. It is important to check stock levels regularly. This means you should be checking at least once per day or more, not once a week or less. You are responsible for making sure you list the correct quantities on ebay or your store. If you oversell a product it is your responsibility so please do check regularly.

You can check stock levels on the website directly on each product page or to check quickly and easily, more accurate stock levels are shown on the Google Sheet. We also have a low stock report on the website which is updated daily.