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The Health Benefits of Serrapeptase


The coolest story of supplements origin is that of Serrapeptase. When the silk worm is going through its last transformation stage to a moth, the enzyme helps in the conversion process.

The best thing about this enzyme is it can be extracted and used in the human body. The enzyme has numerous health benefits from pain reduction to boosting immunity.

What is Serrapeptase?

The naturally occurring enzyme that occurs in the silkworm intestines is used to control numerous reactions in the body. The speed of body processes is determined by enzyme activity. The enzyme is renowned for breaking down protein properties; it is widely used as a supplement. It is primarily used by the body to break down protein to amino acids.


Serrapeptase is popular not only because of its effect on body proteins but also impact on body cells. The body can heal more quickly and perform its functions faster with help of this enzyme.

Reduces inflammation and swelling

Dead cells in the body increase activity of the immune system. Also, dead tissues are likely to cause inflammation when they accumulate in the body system. Serrapeptase helps in breaking down debris and expels them out of the body. Besides, the enzyme dilutes injury made fluids, which is usually full of harmful substances from the inflammation site.

Toxins that cause swelling and pain are also inactivated by this enzyme. Serrapeptase increases fluid drainage thus reducing size of cells.

Serrapeptase breaks down cyclooxygenase, which is responsible for production of inflammatory molecules when the body is damaged. Breaking down of this enzyme reduces cell swelling.

The enzyme takes care of all types of inflammation resulting from carpal tunnel syndrome, trauma, arthritis, bronchitis, and infection in the sinuses.

Reduces pain

The fact that Serrapeptase takes care of inflammation, pain is automatically alleviated. Post-surgery pain is a major concern in the medical industry. Serrapeptase also helps in alleviating pain from swelling after major dental surgery. Usually removal of molars is a painful experience; the procedure ends with swelling on sides of the mouth that can extend for hours.

Medical specialists are continuously using the enzyme as a pain reliever; patients rarely experience swelling after surgery because of this enzyme. Cheek swelling is of the past with Serrapeptase; a single injection is enough to take care of the swelling and pain.

Reduces mucus

Viscosity is a hindrance to body processes. It is important for the body to expel all excretion including mucus as fast as possible to pave way for new processes. Tissue repair is also dependent on efficiency of secretion. Serrapeptase helps with enhancing tissue repair by reducing viscosity of body secretions.

Serrapeptase also helps with mucus clearance. Patients suffering from breathing difficulty because of blocked airways can benefit from this treatment technique. Besides mucus, the enzyme also helps in clearing saliva and phlegm levels in air passages.

The enzyme reduces the amount of neutrophils in the mucus. Neutrophils in sputum increase thickness thus high viscosity, which can cause inflammation. Patients suffering from nose obstructions, nasal secretions, and swallowing complications benefit from Serrapeptase treatment.

Removes blood clots

Plaques and excess blood clotting hinder cell function. Serrapeptase breaks down fibrin, which is responsible for blood clotting. The blood-clotting molecule is neutralized without affecting surrounding healthy tissues. The dead tissues are the target in removal of plaques and blood clots. The free environment allows easy penetration of antibiotics into cell tissues.

Biofilms are not beneficial to the human body. They grow around bacteria to protect them from attack or neutralization by the immune system. Biofilms are made of fibrin.