What is Retail Arbitrage? How does it work? Who can do it and why do it?

Amazon - ebay Dropshipping, also known as retail Arbitrage, is a big business. It's not surprising as it is easy to set up and maintain with little or no initial outlay and the potential profit can be huge.

Ebay sellers simply list items for sale from the Amazon website. They price the item high enough to cover the initial purchase of the item plus enough to cover ebay and paypal fees and a little profit for themselves.

After the item has sold on ebay.co.uk the seller would then purchase the item from Amazon.co.uk to be delivered directly to the buyer.

Although this is a simple relatively simple process it is not without risks. Amazon deliver most orders without any tracking, some customers then state they haven't received their order and the seller needs to then refund or replace the order which is a real hassle and risks negative feedback from the customer. Prices can go up and down on Amazon at any time, this can result in a little extra profit when prices go down but can often be a loss. Items can go out of stock in Amazon leaving you stuck with an order you cannot fulfil, you either have to send the customer an alternative product or cancel and refund the order, again this is a real hassle and risks negative feedback from the customer.

Anyone can benefit from retail arbitrage, regardless of where you live in the world you can sell on ebay.co.uk and buy from amazon.co.uk. You can sell from the comfort of your own home and don't need to put in a lot of hours each day.

There is a lot of competition all trying to sell the same products all trying to beat the competition, often just by a few pence, leaving just pennies profit.

But there is another way. A better Way. 

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